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We are now applying our ethics to help you with:

  • Buying your holiday home.
  • Funding your buy-to-let investment.
  • Purchasing your main residence.
  • Remortgaging your existing property.

Investment advice through:

  • Downsizing.
  • Equity release.
  • 2nd home sale capital gains tax mitigation.

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Applying our ethics to Mortgages - a service based on unshakeable values

Below are our fundamental Ethics which apply to our Mortgage Advice service and what they mean in practice.

  • To develop our service entirely on customer need rather than business interests.

    What this means in practice: Over time we will respond to estate agent and customer demand to continuously enhance our service

  • Never to engage in strategic investment alliances - our duty as independent financial advisers is to have a one to one strategic alliance only with clients.

    What this means in practice: Independent means Independent AND impartial. We will never have a personal preference for one organisation over another. The right solution for each client is all we are interested in.
  • Our duty is to provide long-term service and only to conduct new business when wholly in the interest of the client.

    What this means in practice: After your loan completes, we will agree a time when we will next review your mortgage and protection needs to ensure that you continue to have a competitive mortgage and up to date protection.
  • Where no new business needs to be written – to end an appointment happy that a good job has been done.

    What this means in practice: our review meetings are just that. We inform you how things have gone and recommend alterations to your mortgage and protection where required. If no further work is required then we are happy to say so. Our advisers are motivated to provide service rather than sales.
  • All clients will be treated with the same courtesy irrespective of wealth or budget.

    What this means in practice: Whilst we do have a minimum fee, this is sufficiently low to allow almost all mortgage and protection needs to be dealt with effectively.
  • Always to provide advice or recommendations which are wholly right for each individual client, not the most convenient to our business.

    What this means in practice: We provide the best solution to each client at any given time. In 2012, having consistently recommended a particular Fund Supermarket, when their administration became poor, we stopped recommending this product, and found a better solution for clients. We will apply the same selection principles to mortgage products.
  • As our business increases, we should not lose our ability to service clients to the highest standards through overburdening staff and advisers.

    What this means in practice: It is important that you always get a great service now and in the future. Our advisers are limited to the number of clients they can look after. This means that your adviser will not be overworked and have the time to properly review your investments over the years to come. It also allows them to know you very well over time.
  • To relentlessly strive to provide ever higher service standards, including the most customer friendly office environment.

    What this means in practice: We will not stand still and pat ourselves on the back. The introduction of holiday home, buy-to-let and traditional mortgage advice in 2014 is just the beginning of a long journey in a continuous improvement of our service standards.

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