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Our Helston Office...

Helston was our first office opened in March 2012 and forms the administrative centre for the company. The Old Cattle Market itself operates largely as a 'one stop shop' for clients seeking advice having ourselves as Financial Advisers, an Accountancy firm as well as a Solicitor, in the same building.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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Our St Ives Office...

The Atkins ferrie in Bodmin

St Ives Office Partners

Managing Director of Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management, John Waldie, says that he is "absolutely delighted to be opening in St Ives. St Ives is under-represented in terms of financial advice at present, with many banks withdrawing from investment advice. I am really looking forward to working with Lanhams as it is clear they have the same high standards of customer service which we endeavour to provide."

Derek and Barry Hall of Lanhams say "We have been working with Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management for some time and have been very pleased with the ethics and professionalism of their service so when an opportunity arose for them to open an office in Lanhams buildings it seemed like a perfect match."

Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management are available in Lanhams from: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

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Our Fowey Office...

Helston IFA Extends Specialist Mortgage Advice to Fowey

The Atkins ferrie in Fowey

Helston based Independent financial advice firm Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management is now offering its mortgage advice services in Fowey. The company has teamed up with Fowey River Estate Agents to offer appointments from their offices in Fowey's Trafalgar Square.

Since the end of last year, AFWM has been providing mortgage advice for the holiday home and buy to let market, alongside its other financial advice services.

Fowey River Estate Agents Director, David Elderkin, stated: "As a company AFWM offer high quality and strong ethics and they know what they're talking about. We decided to team up with them after hearing about their new mortgage specialism. Being in Fowey we sell a large amount of holiday cottages and this niche service, which no one else is really promoting, will be of huge benefit to our customers.

He added: "We have eleven years experience in residential sales and long term letting in the Fowey Estuary area and this is just the latest way in which we are working to create the best possible service for our customers using the best providers available."

Managing Director of Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management, John Waldie, says their advice can benefit both buyers and sellers: "For those people selling a holiday home, our expertise means we can work with them to help reduce the tax consequences of that sale. We can also advise on any future investments. Alternatively, for anyone looking to buy a holiday home, we can look at the best ways of going about it as mortgages aren't always the only way."

He went on to add: "We are working to extend our presence throughout Cornwall and Fowey was at the top of our list. We are delighted to be working with Fowey River Estate Agents and look forward to helping many new clients in the area."

Advice from AFWM will be available at Fowey River Estate Agents by appointment only from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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Our Bideford Office...

Cornish IFA opens first Devon Office

The Atkins ferrie in Bodmin

Cornwall based independent financial advisers Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management have expanded their services into Devon. The firm has recently teamed up with Bideford's Regency Estate Agents to offer mortgage and investment advice from Regency's new river front offices.

Among the services on offer will be AFWM's specialist mortgage advice for the holiday home and buy to let market which it has been successfully helping clients with since the end of last year.

On teaming up with AFWM, Regency Estate Agents Director Neil Armstrong commented: "From our initial meeting it was clear both companies had similar ideas when it comes to customer service. We both believe clients are number one and that is key for us.

We moved into our new offices a few weeks ago and AFWM has been working with us since then. So far it has been very positive and we hope to continue in this way and develop a good working relationship."

He added: "Certainly having financial information to hand is going to be a major bonus for our customers. We see it as the way forward and are keen for it to work."

Alongside its main office in Helston, AFWM has already established similar successful working relationships with estate agents in St Ives and Fowey.

On its move into Devon, AFWM Managing Director John Waldie said: "Branching out into Devon is a logical next step. Bideford is an ideal place for us as it has mixed market of holiday homes and buy to lets but it is still a working town.

When we initially spoke to Regency they liked our ethics and expressed an interest in working together if we came to Bideford. We're now thrilled to have joined them in their new premises."

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Our Dartmouth Office...

The Atkins ferrie in Bodmin

In 2016 we opened our new Dartmouth office in partnership with Coastal House Estate Agents.

Similar to our previous endeavours, this partnership allows us to work closely with the local community and make it easier to meet with our geographically expanding client base.

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Our London Office...

The Atkins ferrie in Bodmin

In conjunction with Regus we opened our London office in Pall Mall in November 2011. The office is not permanently manned and is used as a convenience to hold appointments in Board Rooms for clients wishing to see us in and around the London area. Any appointments held here need to be pre-booked in advance.

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Our St Agnes Office...

The Atkins ferrie in Bodmin

We are delighted to announce the opening of our St Agnes Branch on the North Cornwall Coast. As a mountain runner, Managing Director John Waldie had spent a lot of time training with his son on the coast around St Agnes and so knows the area well. When we discovered in February 2015, that St Agnes was about to lose its last bank, with consequent outrage in the village, then we felt we ought to fill this gap in some way.


We have bought a delightful mid-1800's building, being a former inn, in the centre of Churchtown. Our aim is to provide a financial hub for the village, building as much of a self-sustaining financial centre as possible. As well as our full independent financial service for investments, insurance and mortgages, the first thing negotiated is the return of the village Barclays cash point machine, a service lost in 2015. We also intend to continue campaigning for a building society agency, so that the local population can have somewhere to access and deposit money easily in the village once more. Indeed John Waldie feels Cornwall has the need for its own mutual Building Society and is generating county wide interest on this topic.


As well as financial services, the building will also include the provision of a full range of Legal Advice through Thurstan Hoskin Solicitors and an accountancy service through Atkins Ferrie Chartered Accountants. We will be asking local villagers what other services they would welcome with a view to creating a one-stop shop for various services, which would not necessarily be viable in their own dedicated building but provide a worthwhile presence sharing with other businesses.


John Waldie says "this is a very exciting new avenue for us. Having built successful relationships ourselves by sharing space with other businesses in St Ives, Fowey, London and Bideford, we are effectively reversing this process by allowing other complementary businesses to trade in our own premises. If this model works this could be an invaluable model for replacing services lost in the smaller towns of Devon and Cornwall and helping further local communities."

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